Gordon Taylor - Realtor®, Transaction Coordinator/Back Office

Gordon Taylor, the unassuming force behind KTREG, is the man who keeps our operation humming smoothly. He's our go-to for crafting winning offers and running the back end of our business. Our agent's say "he's the glue that holds KTREG together!"

But Gordon is more than just a business wizard. He's a devoted family man, pouring the same dedication he shows in the office into his role as a father to his four children and wife, Kim Taylor, broker of KTREG, who they have been married almost 35 years.

Beyond his professional and family life, Gordon's adventurous side shines through. Whether he's cruising on a boat or tearing down the highway on his motorcycles, he seeks thrills in the great outdoors, mirroring his fearless approach to our industry's challenges.